Montana Agent Attends Her Buyers' Home Inspections

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Real Estate

Traveling back to Montana to attend a home inspection and other recommended testing is often difficult for people due to the cost or a date conflict with their personal schedules.  I am one of the few agents in the Bitterroot Valley who attends all inspections whether or not the buyers are present.

Adam and Elaine had never purchased a property with a septic system and well.  They wanted to do their due diligence by having the well and septic system checked out before they released the home inspection contingency.  Based on my recommendations, they contacted a general home inspector, water well expert and local septic company.

I was present for all the inspections which allowed me the advantage of explaining the results based on first-hand observations.  We made sure we got the tests and reports done during the seller agreed upon timetable.

Armed with the results and estimates to make some repairs, Elaine and Adam were able to negotiate with the sellers to receive compensation for the work that needed to be done.  The buyers chose to complete the repairs and upgrades after they closed on the home so they could control who did the work.