Annual Review of Your Real Estate

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Real Estate

We all know that most people's major financial investment is the real estate property they own. Like any other financial holding, it is prudent to have a trusted real estate adviser provide an annual review of your asset.

The market value of your real estate is certainly fueled by supply and demand. But the more accurate analysis is to review and evaluate recent sales of properties that are comparable to the home, land or commercial properties you own. Most real estate agreements contain an appraisal contingency to protect the interests of the financial institution granting the mortgage. The appraisal gives a valuation of a property by an authorized person who has received specific training.

Real estate agents are not appraisers but they can provide accurate assessments of real estate sales activity. By using local sales data, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) can be generated which will highlight recent real estate activity that will affect the value of your property. Recognizing that many of your personal financial decisions might be influenced by the value of your home, I am glad to provide a free CMA to anyone living in Western Montana. If you are a past client of mine, just reach out to me with the request. If you have not done business with me, all you need to do is go to my my real estate website where you can submit a request for your property valuation.